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Get professional guidance creating, telling and sharing your story to convert more viewers into clients.

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Three powerful training sessions to accelerate results.

3 Modules to Craft a Compelling Story that Converts


Module 1
Craft Your Compelling Story


Dive into your own life. Identify the problem, solution, benefit and your "why." 

  • Clarify the reason behind your passion for your business.
  • Identify the four components of your compelling story.
  • Get it done workshop format with mindset mastery tips.
  • Communicate the problem, solution and benefits.
  • Structure your story’s delivery.
  • At the end of Week 1, you’ll understand how to craft your story to attract prospects.

Module 2 
Tell Your Story With Confidence


Condense your story into a brief, compelling message that communicates your benefits.

  • Practice telling your story with authenticity on-camera.
  • Gain on-camera tips and strategies for engaging your audience.
  • Grow your influence with video messages.
  • Script your story to attract more prospects.
  • Express your message with clarity and confidence.
  • At the end of Week 2, you’ll speak with growing confidence.

Module 3
Expand Your Social Visibility


Increase your visibility and expert reputation across multple social media platforms.

  • Understand the differences in social media platforms.
  • Increase followers through "likes," "comments," "sharing" and "links".
  • How to use images to up-level your social media posts.
  • Up-level your social media profile to tell your story.
  • Increase your traffic with specific SEO hashtags.
  • At the end of Week 3, you’ll boost your online presence.
Bonus Session on Effective Networking
Featuring Heshie Segal: Host of "Connecting With Impact"

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Craft Your Story Workbook & Templates

Your companion guide to everything I'll be teaching to craft your compelling story.

Private Story Consultation with Lynn (value $250)

I'll guide you to take the next best steps on using your story to get results. 

All Trainings Recorded and Transcribed

 Everything you need to get results from this program waits for you in the members area. 

Meet Lynn Sanders

Award-Winning Writer & Author
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My mission is empowering YOU to make a bigger difference through strategically creating, telling, and sharing your stories.

A “bigger difference” means gaining clarity around your vision. Attracting the ideal clients. And building your success with tangible results.


The world needs your stories. Let's bring them to life!

Happy Client Reviews

Rick Erwin Testimonial

Rick Erwin


Lynn is a Pro. Her ability to understand her clients creative and business needs makes her impressive. Always my first choice for writing, producing and delivering beyond my expectations.


Helice Bridges Testimonial

Helice Bridges

Lynn is an unstoppable hero for all of us.  She has an expert ability to understand our brand, capture our stories, and connect us with all the people we need. I highly recommend her for getting your message so that people will remember you for a lifetime.

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